Thursday, September 3, 2020

Chapter 6. Commission Agents

 Chapter 6. Commission Agents

Art. 60. - Definition.

1.    A commission agent is a person or business organisation who, independently, professionally and for gain, undertakes to buy or to sell in his name, but on behalf of the principal, goods, movables or any other thing of a similar nature, or to enter in his name but on behalf of the principal into a contract of carriage of goods.

2.    A commission agent is a trader, regardless of the parties and of the nature and object of the contract.


Art. 61. - Civil Code applicable.

    The provisions of Art. 2234-2252 of the Civil Code shall apply to contracts of commission.


Art. 62. - Stock brokers.

1.    Stock brokers are commission agents.

2.    Unless otherwise provided by law, they shall be subject to the provisions relating to contracts of commission.

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